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Oak Commercial Construction Partners With Nichiha

As one of the only certified Nichiha commercial construction companies, Oak Commercial Construction provides the best-in-class products for our clients to help save them money on maintenance, repairs and much more for their buildings. With an ever-expanding offering of finishes and textures, Nichiha product series make it easy for our clients to turn design intent into reality. From conception to completion, Nichiha is the perfect product in bringing our clients vision to life. Nichiha is a versatile product that is both attractive and durable. The engineered fiber cement gets turned into a rain screen system that stands alone in the commercial construction industry. Oak Commercial Construction is your one stop shop for this new innovative and top of the line commercial contruction product. Our certified professional installers will have your buildings standing for the test of time literally. The architectural wall panels allows our clients see possibilities that are endless. we carry a broad range of aesthetic profiles that will suit any design taste. The quick installation and an innovative moisture management system can help bring our clients most ambitious vision to live.

Performance Produces possibilities

As versatile and attractive as Nichiha products is durable, fiber cement cladding has been earning its stripes for decades. Nichiha has taken all that’s great about fiber cement and engineered it into a rainscreen system that stands alone in the commercial construction universe. With the addition to their time saving clip installation and an ever-expanding offering of finishes and textures, Nichiha gives Oak Commercial Construction the ability to unleash the power of possibilities with fiber cement cladding.

A Higher Performance Solution

Widest Offering of Commercial rainscreen styles
Sophisticated drained and back-ventilated moisture management system
Highly engineered system saving time, money, and minimizes mistakes
The ability to apply custom colors
Concealed clips and fastners provide a clean look
No rotting, no warping, no pest concerns and no delamination
All recycled content complies with LEED™
and much more!

Why Choose Oak Commercial Construction?

Oak Commercial Construction is one in a few certified Nichiha distributor and installer in Texas. We are the first to bring Nichiha products and install them on commercial buildings in Houston, TX., and other major metropolitan cities in Texas. Our forward thinking green commercial construction techniques have helped clients just like you save time and money. Oak Commercial Construction understands that a well-built structure is no different than a strong relationship. At Oak we’re out to make you a believer in Nichiha products and our company. Oak Commercial Construction understands that your visions come in all shapes, markets and styles…at OAK we use Nichiha’s attractive fiber cement cladding solution to turn your visions into reality.

Building Structures To Last A Lifetime

We can help you capture the look of metal, block, stone, wood and brick in considerably less time and at a fraction of the cost. Unlike wood, vinyl, and other building materials, Nichiha Fiber Cement products are specially formulated to withstand warping, fading, splintering, cracking and denting. They are also fire resistant, impervious to insects and suitable for even the harshest climate. For a generous, natural look with none of the hassles, Nichiha Fiber Cement Products are all you could ever want. Oak Commercial Construction will make sure your investment maintains its value giving you the ability to unleash the power of possibilities

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    Time saving clip installation system that reduces construction time and minimizes mistakes.
    Prefinished panels that eliminate the need for messy mortar or costly masonry-skilled labor.
    Products that can be installed year round in any climate across the country. No geographical restrictions means more possibilities.
    Backed by some of the best warranties in the industry. Strong 50-year limited warranty.
    NO-fuss products. Little ongoing cleaning or regular maintenance needed. You get to bring your vision to life and ensure it looks great for a long time.
    Go beyond our durable panels and discover a meticulously engineered moisture management system that provides a vertical drainage point for air & moisture to exit.

    Common Questions

    How Long Has The Product Been in Use?
    Nichiha has been manufacturing fiber cement siding since 1974 and has been marketing in the US since 1998.
    How Much Does It Cost?
    There are various types, textures, and styles of Nichiha fiber cement, so for the most accurate pricing contact Oak Commercial Construction Today.
    Can I Buy Direct From Nichiha
    Nichiha uses local distributors like Oak Commercial Construction. Direct purchase is not allowed unless you are a certified installer or distributor.

    Nichiha Materials Brochure

    Nichiha Warranties

    Illumination, TuffBlock, and Ribbed Panels – 50-year limited warranty
    15-year limited warranty* on finish
    Nichiha Block, Stone, Brick, RoughSawn, VintageWood™, IndustrialBlock, and EmpireBlock™ Panels – 50-year limited warranty* on panels, 15-year limited warranty* on finish.
    KuraStone™ Panels – 50-year limited warranty* on panels, 10-year limited warranty* on finish.
    KuraStone™ Panels – 50-year limited warranty* on panels, 10-year limited warranty* on finish.
    * See Nichiha warranties for detailed information on terms, conditions and limitations


    "Your construction crews were reliable and dependable."

    — Matt Mehlenbacher
    In light of the amazing success of our recent collaboration at CSISD - Oakwood Remodel, I felt I had to thank you in a letter. So often a project ends and folks move on without knowing the full extent of their efforts. In this case I just couldn't let that happen. You and your Team were WAY too good and were such an integral part of our success at the Oakwood remodel that I feel compelled to write down what that meant to our team. Our interactions with you were nothing but professional in the very best sense of that word. You provided pricing (and re-pricing, and re-pricing!) over and over so as to help us get to "the best bang for the buck", and did it so fast! Your construction crews were reliable and dependable, and kept their work areas contained so that every other sub was able to work around them without issue. Their attention to detail was incredible. If an issue arose (it always does), they brought the issues to us before we "found them". That was refreshing. I'm certain that there are many more members of your team that worked hard on this project whose names I don't know. Please thank them for me. In the end, together we finished Oakwood with a VERY aggressive schedule ...... and finished on time. We couldn't have done that without your team collaborating with us. Oak CC is clearly customer focused. Thanks for that.

    “I've never met a more professional and skilled team than that of the Oak commercial construction Company.”

    — Charlie Song
    "In all my years of management and commercial real estate development, I've never met a more professional and skilled team than that of the Oak commercial construction Company. They have gone beyond and above my expectations completing the construction of my building in such a timely manner. Their eye for detail and ability to work hard is uncanny and unlike any other construction company I've hired in the past. The onsite supervisors are highly experienced and were capable of handling any and all situations that had occurred on my shopping center. The workers themselves are responsible and dedicated to their assignments. The next time I decide to construct a new building, I will be sure to prioritize them above all other companies."

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