Oak Commercial Construction

Oak Commercial Construction, headquarters located in Spring, Texas, believes every commercial project is based on a unifying goal for our client’s vision and success. Our team uses highly-organized strategies to meet and exceed every objective during our master planning. Commercial construction provides value for our clients through our exceptional craftmanship and attention to detail. It is our mission to complete our client’s commercial construction projects on-time and within budget. Oak Commercial Construction equipment, employees and administration work until each project is completed to our high level of standards which will exceed our client’s expectations every time.

Oak Commercial Construction specializes in commercial building and maintenance. Our leading commercial construction includes ground up, white box, maintenance, renovation, expansion and interior projects. Our builders are ready to start with fresh land or existing facilities that may need improvement or rebuilding. Creative designs from our chief contractors evolve into tangible structures by our thorough builders. Every element of your desired building, internal and external, will reflect our master craftsmanship.

We are your dependable source in Texas for comprehensive building and craftsmanship. Oak Commercial Construction transforms basic building blocks into intricate details to make your structure unique and prominent within the community.
In addition to our successful building and construction, we promote overall safety. Oak Commercial Construction uses industry-leading safety precautions to eliminate any chance of incident or harm. Our projects are done right, start to finish. Commercial construction is our artform with several components such as planning, contracting, building, finishing and general management. From preconstruction to finalization, Oak Commercial Construction is your prominent choice for any construction project in Texas.

Commercial Construction Services

  • Ground Up Construction
  • White Box Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Renovations & Captial Improvements
  • Expansions / Interior Finish Outs

Why Choose Oak Commercial Construction?

Oak Commercial Construction is a leading construction company in Texas. It is our outstanding workforce and construction management that makes our projects stand out. Oak Commercial Construction builds commercial projects based on your plans and specific industry. Whatever market your commercial construction applies to, our contractors and builders are ready to work. Oak Commercial Construction is constantly growing by looking for the newest materials and practices to improve your construction plans. Our commercial buildings last longer than a single lifetime or generation. Oak Commercial Construction builds timeless structures while upholding commercial standards and noteworthy achievements. Choose Oak Commercial Construction for your next commercial project in Texas.

Building Structures To Last A Lifetime

Successful businesses start with a solid foundation. Oak Commercial Construction has the foreground and building blocks to start your business or commercial renovations. Commercial construction with Oak Commercial Construction is a partnership between our company and your team. With our construction skills and your vision, projects become a reality anywhere in Texas. Timely, insured and cost-effective development is all you experience with Oak Commercial Construction. See our reviews or request a quote for your commercial construction project. Headquartered in Spring, Texas, our construction administration will start planning and designing the best model for your commercial building.

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"Your construction crews were reliable and dependable."

Matt Mehlenbacher
In light of the amazing success of our recent collaboration at CSISD - Oakwood Remodel, I felt I had to thank you in a letter. So often a project ends and folks move on without knowing the full extent of their efforts. In this case I just couldn't let that happen. You and your Team were WAY too good and were such an integral part of our success at the Oakwood remodel that I feel compelled to write down what that meant to our team.Our interactions with you were nothing but professional in the very best sense of that word. You provided pricing (and re-pricing, and re-pricing!) over and over so as to help us get to "the best bang for the buck", and did it so fast! Your construction crews were reliable and dependable, and kept their work areas contained so that every other sub was able to work around them without issue. Their attention to detail was incredible. If an issue arose (it always does), they brought the issues to us before we "found them". That was refreshing. I'm certain that there are many more members of your team that worked hard on this project whose names I don't know. Please thank them for me.In the end, together we finished Oakwood with a VERY aggressive schedule ...... and finished on time. We couldn't have done that without your team collaborating with us. Oak CC is clearly customer focused. Thanks for that.

“I've never met a more professional and skilled team than that of the Oak commercial construction Company.”

Charlie Song
"In all my years of management and commercial real estate development, I've never met a more professional and skilled team than that of the Oak commercial construction Company. They have gone beyond and above my expectations completing the construction of my building in such a timely manner. Their eye for detail and ability to work hard is uncanny and unlike any other construction company I've hired in the past. The onsite supervisors are highly experienced and were capable of handling any and all situations that had occurred on my shopping center.  The workers themselves are responsible and dedicated to their assignments. The next time I decide to construct a new building, I will be sure to prioritize them above all other companies."

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